“Cynthia has helped me and my family enormously over the years. I have known her as my Attorney since 1998. She truly cares about people and has proven invaluable to us in helping with guardianship for our disabled daughter, and a Will with Special Needs Trust for my husband and I. We don’t have much but she has shown us how we can continue to help our child after we have passed away. It is such a comfort to know a lawyer like Cynthia.” – Loretta Mickey



“Cynthia Alleman was instrumental in helping our family with a mentally ill sibling. Our case was complicated and emotional. Cynthia Alleman and the members of her firm were very thorough in their research and extremely professional. What I liked the most about working with Cynthia Alleman and her team was that they were compassionate and focused to do the right thing, even though it was a difficult case with many challenged. I highly recommend this law firm.” – Margaret Watson



“I was very inspired by your work today. Guardianship takes much heart and dedication. It has been a pleasure to see you committed to this field!” – H. L. (Attorney)



“Cynthia Alleman helped me with a power of attorney. It was an emergency and she made time for me. She was there for me with my kids during a critical time in our lives and I am grateful.” – Lisa Sorrells



“Thank you for your incredible service to so many citizens of our community. It is wonderful that your generosity was recognized statewide.” –  Holly Jones Buncombe County Commissioner



“Western North Carolina is proud to have you among us.” – Veronica S. (Social Worker)



“Being named Pro Bono Attorney of the year just tells me more about your dedication to a job that many times has unpaid and unrecognized hours.” –  J.O. Teacher, Buncombe County Schools



Your assistants are some of the nicest, most professional assistants I have had the pleasure of dealing with.” – Assistant Attorney General’s Office



“It’s good to know we have rubbed elbows with someone so special, you are an honorable Attorney.” – Faith F. Former Client



“On behalf of the school program, staff and parents, thank-you for all you have done for our students with disabilities. Your compassion, kindness and sincerity and attention to all the fine details are a blessing.” – Counselor.



“Thank you for all the help you offer to the folks I recommend to you and many others.” – Cindy W. (Local agency helping families with guardianship.)



“Cynthia has shown definite commitment to her clients and the community. She deserves many pats on the back!” – Aubrin M. (Former Client)



“A lot of lawyers have trouble feeling like the work they do helped more than it hurts, but Cynthia doesn’t. She does a wonderful job of helping people.” – Mary R.S. (Former Client)



“I really appreciated Cynthia’s guidance in navigating the legal storm which engulfed us. You did a masterful job – a true professional!” – B. Bolton, M.D.



“The community is proud of you and your willingness to give back so much time, energy and effort to folks who don’t have the financial resources to otherwise protect their rights. Thank you for setting such a high bar for generous donations of limited and valuable time.“ – David Gantt (Chairman of Buncombe County Commissioners)



“Thank you so much for all you did for me this past year. You made that difficult period much easier, knowing that my girls would be okay regardless of what happened.” – L. Sorrells (Client)



“I feel we gave each other many ideas to think about, all with the focus of helping clients/families through their difficult times. I admire your genuine outlook toward your position as a lawyer.” –  Judith Donat



“You are an awesome lady, and I am privileged to serve you.” – C. Hanson



“How in the world can we ever thank you.” – M.M. and family (Client)



“Thank you for all your help over the last few years. We appreciate all that you have done.” – The Senn Family (Client)



“Thank you for simplifying the Guardianship Process for us. You made it so easy to manage.”  – Denise Duncan (Client)