• What Questions should I ask when hiring an attorney?

A good place to start is asking how many cases the attorney handles per month in the area of law in which you need help. Secondly, how many hours does it typically take for your type of case. You may also want to ask about their billing practices; do they bill hourly or per case? Can they provide you a good faith estimate of the costs involved?

  • Should I seek legal advice from an experienced Elder Law Attorney before having a deed prepared for an elderly relative?

Yes, you need to seek legal advice before having a deed prepared. Lawyers are knowledgeable regarding the extremely expensive issues that can cost many thousands of dollars if the correct (and not widely known) process is not followed when an elderly relative wants to sign a deed for land or the home place to adult children and still be eligible for Medicaid to pay for nursing home care. Not all Real Estate Attorneys are aware of the pitfalls here.

  • Should I name minor children as beneficiaries on a life insurance policy?

You should not name minor children as beneficiaries on a life insurance policy because if your death occurs while they are still minors the proceeds will be required to be paid into the Court. A lawyer can help you designate the specific way to denote a minor’s trust as a beneficiary on your insurance policy to be able to include a trust for your minor children (or grandchildren).

  • What should I use my IRA funds for?

IRA’s can be a good way to support you in building a retirement fund, so utilizing those funds during retirement is ideal. An IRA is not always the best way to transfer money to your children, but can be an exceptional way to make a donation to a charity.

  • Where is your office?

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  • Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa cards.

  • Do you offer payment plans to pay legal fees?

Yes, we will work with you and send you monthly invoices to remind you.